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Next Tuesday - November 6th – Melbourne Cup sweep day.
Don’t forget to bring your $2 per ticket for the Melbourne Cup sweep. Put your name on the list when you arrive and pay before you leave at 9.00am or 9.15am.
While you are out walking the sweep horses will be drawn.
A list of the horse/horses that you draw will be available (on the notice board) when you come back from your walks or runs.

October Outing to Moondance Manor Gardens
50 members enjoyed a day in the Waikato, visiting the above garden on a fine day last month.  Spring was late to arrive that little bit further south, so the garden didn’t have a lot of colour. Most of you saw beyond that and enjoyed the trees and shrubs, the flowers that were out and the beautiful setting on the banks of the Waikato River, plus the wonderful hospitality and storytelling.

November Outing
As you all know the outing to Rangitoto has definitely been cancelled.  At this stage nothing is booked for a November outing. However, I am presently circulating a list to see how many of you would be interested in a trip to Scuptureum near Matakana. Cost (to be advised) would be somewhere around $33-$35. As they do not open on a Tuesday, the date of the trip if it goes ahead would be THURSDAY 22nd November.
The list circulating is only to gauge interest to see if we go ahead, so please don’t let this cause any confusion.
If you would be interested in going and can’t get to the club in the next week, please email me your expression of interest. 
So many of you have asked for this visit since Scuptureum first opened, but previously they would not be realistic price wise for large groups and the trip would have not been affordable to all.
Now they have finally decided to give group discounts, let’s see if we can get a bus load together.

About our Outings
While the outings are designed to entertain you and take you to places you may not normally go to, they hopefully still give you some exercise on the day.
My aim on these outings is to foster camaraderie amongst the separate groups.   On a bus trip it’s always good to see all the groups and abilities mixing together and meeting other members.
Recently a very small minority have been frustrated with me, because I don’t take up their suggestions for outings or ways to get from A to B.  After 22 years of organising trips I have a very good idea of what will and what won’t work.  I like to think that I consider all options and that I also have everyone’s interest, differing abilities and comfort at heart, not just a selected few.
Before I took over the outings, we didn’t travel very far, Cornwall Park and Cockle Bay and local venues only.  
I have tried to be more adventurous with most of the gulf islands having been visited (some more than once). Private museums like Warbirds & Whitford Toy Museum, plus many gardens not open to the walk-in public.
From the feedback, most of you are happy, but I am always open to new ideas and suggestions, ones that will work, for a large diverse group.

80th Birthday Morning Tea
On Tuesday 13th November we will be celebrating the 80th birthdays of Joy Cowley and Glenys O’Keeffe.
A joint ‘Mugging’ will be held at 10.15am.  Please bring a plate of finger food to share. If you are in touch with past members let them know and ask if they would like to join us on this morning.

BBQ Night
A great crowd of 70 members, friends and family came along on this night.  Thank you to the generous cooks who provided the food and a huge thanks to Fred, who cooked 150 sausages single handed. He did have a lot of supervisors though!
Thank you to Terry in the bar and to Joy, Trevor and Cathy for their help also.

Riding for the disabled
Anna wishes to thank those of you who supported her fundraising a few weeks ago with the purchase of gingerbread horses. Anna was very happy to raise with your help, over $50, so a big thanks from her.

Decorating for Christmas
Our section decorates the clubrooms each year.  If you can spare some time after your walks or runs on 
Tuesday 20th it would be appreciated.  A couple of men (or brave ladies) are needed to climb ladders and the Christmas tree needs to be assembled and decorated. All help appreciated.

Christmas Lunch
Our lunch will be held on Tuesday December 4th. Cost will be $32.00 per person. Amount is subsidised by the committee.  Correct money in a named envelope would be very helpful. Husbands, wives etc. are all welcome.
I will be taking bookings with payment, from Tuesday next week, 6th November.
For the past 4 years we have been holding a fun quiz.  I don’t want to keep doing this if you are bored with it, so please give me feedback if you would like this to continue or not.

Christmas Hampers
I will be accepting donations of Christmas grocery items from now on.  A box for items will be on the red table by the kitchen. Everyone who comes to the lunch will be given a complimentary ticket for the hamper draw.
If anyone has a spare basket they would donate, it would be appreciated.

Wine Bottle Tops
Please don’t empty loose tops into the collection box. Please make sure they are contained in a bag.
Don’t forget aluminium only tops
Thank you to the many of you who already do this. A box is under the desk by the entrance. Kidney Kids benefit from the sale of these aluminium tops. Thank you to Shirley who delivers the tops to the Mt Wellington KK office.
We only want wine bottle tops, no more tin foil please. Beer caps are not aluminium they are tin, so please don’t include these. Tear tabs off aluminium cans are OK.

A request from Junior Track & Field
Now is the time of year when parents are wishing to enrol their children in athletics.  If you take a phone call at the clubrooms regarding this, please give the caller the number for Tania the JT&F secretary, this is on the wall above the phone.  Please don’t answer questions, just refer them direct to the section. If a member of the public comes into the clubrooms to enquire, there are brochures on the bench to hand out, once again give them Tania’s number and refer them to the section.

November Dates to Remember
Tuesday 6th      Melbourne Cup Sweep (Closes 9.15am)
                          Book for our Christmas Lunch - $32.00
                          Bring donations for Christmas Hampers.
Tuesday 13th    80th Birthday Celebrations – Bring a plate please.
Tuesday 20th    Decorate club for Christmas
Thursday 22nd   Outing to be decided after expression of interest result
Friday 30th        Volunteers Dinner (By invitation from Management Committee Only)

December Dates
Tuesday 4th      Lunch in the clubrooms 12.00pm


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