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Welcome everyone to the new year at Joggers and Walkers.  I hope you are all enjoying the summer weather.

Time Change for Fast Walking Group. 
After discussion with the members of the fast walkers group it was unanimously agreed that they would change their start time.   Fast Walkers now leave the clubrooms at 8.45am instead of the usual 9.00am.
This change was to bring times back inline to all groups finishing over a 15minute period instead of a 30minute period.  Early last year the intermediate walking group requested their start time be put forward to 9.00am from 9.15am which created the longer finish time gap between groups.  Because of this gap, members of the intermediate group were back and finished morning tea with many members leaving before the fast group were back.  
Now, with the new time change, we are back to having more of a club atmosphere for morning tea,  instead of two separate groups and no longer have a drawn out morning tea time.

Coffee Machine
With the above time change a greater demand has been put on the coffee machines to keep up a good supply.
The kitchen volunteers do their very best to keep the pots topped up for you, however if there is coffee still filtering when you get back, please be patient. It’s only a 5 minute wait for a full pot to filter.  Please don’t remove the pot during this process and put your cup underneath, not only does it make a mess, this results in weakening the brew for everyone else. A sign will now be put in place during this process to avoid spills.

Water Bottles
Now the hot weather is with us it is important for you to stay hydrated while out walking.
A handy tip is to fill your water bottle part full at home and freeze it.  Before you leave home for the club, top up with cold water. By doing this you will have lovely cold water to drink out on your walk.
At the request of the club management, please do not fill your water bottles from the club drink cooler. 
If too many people do this, all the ice cold water is drained and a strain is put on the machines motor. Therefore, it can’t cope with cooling enough water by the time members come back after their exercise.

February Outing
Our next outing on February 26th will be to Waiatarua Reserve in Remuera. Waiataura is a large wetlands area with paths suitable for walking; it is close to the Remuera Golf Course. 
You can drive there direct or come to the club first and carpool.
We will meet in the carpark off Grand Drive; the entrance is less than 100m on the right as you turn into Grand Drive from Abbotts Way. Toilets, shade and a picnic table are alongside a playground.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available after your walk. More information about this area is on the notice board, or look it up online.
If you do not know how to find your way there please ask me for more detailed directions.

March Outing 
Destination of our March outing on the 19th will be announced after the next meeting of your committee on the 12th of this month.

Most of you know that we have a defibrillator in the clubrooms which is on the wall to the left of the kitchen door.  If you need to use it, just follow the recorded voice instructions after you have called an ambulance. If the person is not having a heart attack the machine will tell you. Anyone can use this, just follow the voice instructions.
However, sometime during February we will arrange a demonstration of what to do in an emergency.

Car Park Reminder
Please park carefully and only take up one parking space.    Our line markings have become more invisible, council have promised to repaint soon. ?

80th Birthday Morning Tea
Our next 80th morning tea was to be on the 29th January for Barry.  Instead Barry is going to combine with Bill and we will celebrate the two 80th birthdays and muggings on 12th March.  A plate of finger food would be appreciated on this morning.
Just a reminder when you bring food for a morning tea, it helps if all preparation work is done at home, e.g. cutting up, buttering etc. If putting food on the table early, please make sure that it is covered to protect against the flies that inevitably move in after you all leave for your walks.

Golflands Walkway
If your walks take you to Golflands/Burswood during this month, please note that the bridge connecting the two areas will be closed for repairs. Again, see the notice board for details.

Address List Update
At this time of the year I update our address lists in readiness for our yearly booklet, due out in June.
Please check the list which will be circulating, or it will be on the kitchen counter. Tick your name and details, if all is correct.  If you have a friend who no longer comes, please let me know so I can remove them.

Dates To Remember

February 12th      Committee Meeting 11.00am.
February 26th      Outing to Waiatarua Reserve.
March 12th          80th Birthday Celebrations for Barry Weston and Bill Carlaw.
March 19th          Outing. Destination to be advised.
March 26th          Group Photo Day 10.45am.


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